The Bonett Easter Parade NYC

I went to the Bonette Easter Parade in NYC with one goal in mind: to make photos that are different. Dark, deep, real. Off camera flash (handheld), high shutter speed, lens wide open, fearless “in your face” approach. I was paying attention as much as I could. I chose my subject, made the image in my mind first, framed it, shot it, DONE. Quick and unapologetic. I smiled, said thank you and moved on. No one objected, except one lady with a french accent. She was upset I didn’t asked for permission. I didn’t like the image so I deleted right in front of her as I told her the reason I wasn’t asking permission is because I wanted real expressions in my images. Au revoir. For a second, I thought about Henri Cartier-Bresson‘s work. He never asked permission, ever. Street photography isn’t about capturing staged, fake moments. Still, as hard as I tried to be fast, I got “caught” a few times. These guys wanted someone to take their pictures since they worked so hard on their bonett, costume and accesories. They were super friendly and they started posing for me. Last think I wanted. I gave in and I took their photos as I was hearing Bruce Gilden in the back of my mind: “They smiled. That’s even worse”. ©

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3 thoughts on “The Bonett Easter Parade NYC

  1. I think your work is awesome! met you in central park yesterday afternoon shooting the conga drummers! It was great speaking with you! Keep it up!

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