Eternal Con 2015

eternal con

eternal con 2015

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One of the largest pop culture expo show in the nation, it takes place at the The Cradle Of Aviation Museum in Garden City, Long Island. Eternal Con is a dream convention for cosplay, anime, horror, sci-fi, superhero, gaming and all things for the pop culture lovers.

I stopped in for about 45 minutes, grabbed a few shots, met a few amazing people. I wish I had more time to spend in this surreal world where imagination meets technology and limitless creativity.

I took the same approach, shooting very close, off camera flash using my little “dirty light maker”. High shutter speed, underexposing the ambient light, wide angle lens. I am not looking for “beauty light” in instances like this. I want harsh, powerful, contrasty, even “wrong” lighting angles. And then we might get into the character’s world.


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